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Product name丨TYP.1

Field of candidacy丨Software

Product description:

With EVs being the new normal and autonomous driving on the horizon, there is a chance for new immersive mobility experiences. The seat is the interface to the user that will prevail, while everything else in the interior will change. So, how do we leverage the full potential? We believe in treating the seat like a screen, that uses audio-haptic impulses to interface with human beings in a very deep and natural way - an interface that can stimulate your body, that pushes you, warns you, relaxes you or simply entertains you.

Unique advantages:

The product is designed as software platform, which means it can be continuously updated with new content. Example: You can mimic a V8 internal combustion engine in your EV and have a sportscar-like driving experience, or you can choose between different futuristic drive modes etc. Same goes for relaxing motion patterns and safety alerts.

Application scenarios:

Drive Modes: Re-introducing the joy of driving to Electric Vehicles with a new design space that allows to create an audio-haptic profile of any desired propulsion experience.

Safety: Warning the Driver and Passengers very efficient with haptic impulses that can immediately be felt and processed a lot faster by the brain than visual or acoustic cues.

Wellbeing: Manage the stimulation level for each passenger from relaxed to alert.

Entertainment: Bring Music, Video and Gaming to a new level with feeling the bass not only in your whole body but localized to different body parts.

Future prospects:

TYP.1, our immersive audio-haptic seat, has the potential to become a standard for EV’s.



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